“Throw your heart first and your body will follow”

The purpose of life is to live it to the fullest and happiest. It is your choice to raise the fulfillment bar and to transform your ordinary or sometimes mediocre life into a spectacular one. Step into the realm of coaching and start the journey of transformation and I will be the catalyst in this process. While I believe that you are your own rescue I am here to use my coaching kit , challenge you , guide you, provide you with strategies and experience the magic with you and finally teach you how to retain and lock this magic forever.

One thing for sure I will help you find the excuses and the “if”s and”but”s that are holding you back and banish them.

Will also demolish fears or maybe learn how to navigate along with them.

“The only truth is the Present. Nurture it”

“Gratitude is a practice and Gratitude is the one way ticket to Happiness”

“The bigger the interaction between body , mind and soul the happiest we are”

My coaching sessions can range from a one on one all the way to large workshops passing through smaller groups.

How do you know if you need coaching ? If your answer is a yes to at least one of the below questions

Do you feel stuck , anxious and stressed out most of the time?

Always stressed out and taking life very seriously

Always anxious even about small details

Feeling stuck in a relationship or in a job that is not fulfilling

Immersed in a killing routine at work or in a relationship

Do you feel unable to enjoy the moment?

Always hunted by the past

Not living in the present

Always worried about the future

Unable to see or count life’s blessings


Do you feel life is dull?

Life feels like a series of duties with no fun element in it

Feeling tired and sluggish despite good sleep and good health




Do you feel like you’ve got no motivation?

No life purpose

No motivation. Nothing to make you jump out of bed in the morning.

No clear goals. Sustaining life rather than actually living.



I am delighted to be able to share with you the techniques I have learnt over the years
that have brought me much happiness and success.

“You either tame you wild subconscious mind or it will tame you”

“Celebrate every moment”

Our Services

One On One
Small Groups
Large Workshops



“I never knew I am supposed to have a life purpose until I did the coaching sessions with Rose. She taught me to live the life that I wanted not the life that others wanted for me. Rose is not only my coach now I consider her a friend. A close friend.”



“Rose can balance both being playful and tough in order to challenge me and make me push my limits .This helped me improve my life dramatically or as Rose says live life to the fullest. I felt I am quite different right after few sessions.”


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